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Claim your Online Casino Bonus at Top UK Sites

Many players out there are looking for the best online casino that the UK has to offer or the most entertaining mobile casino they can find. Some people make their assumptions on how good an online or mobile casino is largely based on what online casino bonus UK they offer their new players, or more literally translated – how well they treat newcomers to their casino.

This approach is very true, many of the smaller gaming establishments offer small online casino bonuses UK which are not even worth looking at. And this is because they really can’t afford the capital it takes to dish out lump sums of cash to new players. On the other hand those websites that proudly announce they are offering whopping sums of money as online casino bonuses for new players are clearly doing very well, which speaks to the happiness of their current UK players.

What is a Casino bonus?

Gaming establishments very often offer free money as an incentive to register and play at their casino. Online casino bonuses UK offers come in many different forms, but there are 3 main types of casino bonus you are likely to encounter.

The first is the “free money bonus”. The free money bonus simply gives you some free money for registering an account with the casino. This amount is usually a small one and can only give you a hint at what the casino is all about. The second is the “match bonus” which requires you to make a deposit of your own funds and the casino offers to match your deposit with free money. The match bonus is by far the best type of bonus as it provides you with far more free money to play with and test out the casino.

But new players aren’t the only eligible customers when it comes to online casinos bonuses on offer in the UK. Loyalty programs are quite common amongst the top gaming establishments and can net you a fair amount of free money for playing over time. Usually this time is calculated per month and upon your wagering amount for that month, so the more you play, the more they pay!

How Do I claim my Casino bonus?

For a free money bonus you can play Aussie online roulette and, you would likely need to register an account with the casino in question and then make an application for the online bonus on their UK website or within their casino software. As for the match bonus, you would first need to make a deposit of your own and the match bonus is paid in automatically. If you do choose the match bonus, make sure you choose your first deposit amount wisely, the higher the amount you deposit, the higher the amount of free money you get.

Using the online casino bonus UK offers to test out games is a great way to start your gaming experience. Who knows, you might even win a jackpot at the casino’s expense or increase your payout potential dramatically!