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Evolution’s New Live Dealer Blackjack Options

Founded in 2006, Evolution is a major player in the field of Live Dealer casino games, recreating table game atmospheres authentically and reacting to betting decisions in real time with no delays. Many regard the studio as the world’s leading video-streamed Live Dealer provider, boasting more top-tier brands than any of its competitors. Players get a realistic live casino pace and are immersed in the action with high-quality graphics, while still getting all the advantages of playing online.

To take things even further, now Evolution adds Perfect Pairs and 21+3 to Live Platform options, bringing the total number of live Blackjack tables in its offering to 75. Fans of the game will appreciate being able to play these new variations in a live setting, from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. They can still choose from several different game variations, and apply different strategies as they learn them online, with even more chance of winning.

Expanded Game Options

Both 21+3 and Perfect Pairs are add-ons to traditional Blackjack gams that offer players extra chances to beat the Dealer and score big payouts. As Evolution adds Perfect Pairs and 21+3 to Live Platform options, it’s important to note that these are optional extras that players are not forced to play. Adding these side bets is intended to expand Evolution Blackjack experiences, not curtail them, and everyone should benefit. Players who choose these options get extra game interest and playability, and having them open to opponents adds more interest to those who want to stick to the main bet as well. Players get to decide whether to turn the Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets on or off each time they enter an Evolution Blackjack table, and stand to win up to 100 times their side bets if they activate them.

If the Perfect Pairs side bet is active on an Evolution live game and players are dealt a pair, a cash prize is paid out. A Perfect Pair with 2 cards of the same suit and value earns the most, followed by a Coloured Pair with 2 cards of the same colour but of different suits and then a Mixed Pair (a red suited and a suited card). With the 21+3 side bet, as the name suggests, the game of 21 (New Zealand online Blackjack ) is combined with the popular game of 3-card Poker. The Player’s first 2 cards are combined with the Dealer’s face-up card into a 3-card Poker hand, and payouts are made according to the Poker ranking of the resultant hand.

The Next Logical Phase

As Evolution adds Perfect Pairs and 21+3 to Live Platform games, the world of online Blackjack games looks set to be revolutionised once again. The studio made live-streaming games an essential part of all decent online casinos back in 2006, and it seems likely that the optional Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side bets will go the same way. The more people get to practice playing with these wagers, the more familiar they’ll be and the better they’ll be able to decide when to activate them. Whether using them or not, they will add more intrigue to every live Evolution Blackjack table.