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Online casinos are one of the most popular ways in which people from all over the world can play casino games. There are a vast amount of these casinos online, all offering different options and clamouring to attract new members. So many of them in fact, that one may get a bit overwhelmed when looking for a casino with which to deposit real money and play casino games. One of the biggest criteria when choosing an online casino is how secure they are, and how they deal with real money. To make themselves secure, online casinos make use of various methods that are often on display on their websites.

SSL Encryption

An SSL Encryption Layer is a piece of software that protects your details while they are travelling from your device to the casino’s servers. This is the time when most cyber criminals strike and steal your details that may include bank details as well as ID details. SSL Encryptions come in 128 and 256 Bit, depending on what institution is making us of them. The 256 Bit layers are usually used by large international finance institutions, such as banks. Online casinos make use of either the 128 Bit of the 255 Bit. You should be able to find about what a chosen casino uses by reading their site, even this rule also applies to Australian horse betting online. If you are unsure, contacting the casino to ask about security is always another option.

Customer Service

Another part of finding a secure online casino is how good their customer service is. A good, secure online casino should be able to be contacted at all times, via a number of different options. Common contact options are telephone and email, although some online casinos employ people to be to call via live chat as well. As many people play casino games at night around the world, a secure online casino should be able to be contacted outside of office hours, not only during the regular nine to five of a weekday.

Online Casino Customer Care

Real Money Versus Free Money

Some casinos work with real money and some work with free money. Free money casinos offer real casino games, but you do not have to use any of your real money to play them. This, of course, means that you will not make any real money playing them either. Free money casinos often have the same games as real money casinos, at least in type. They will have slots and possibly table games, although may not have as many titles as a real money casino. Free money casinos are of course not a problem security wise as they do not require any money to move through them, nor do many of them require a membership. If you are very concerned about secure online casino, playing in a free money casino may be the answer.

Real Reviews

When checking your online casino’s security, don’t just take their word for it. Look into real reviews that have been written by people who have actually made use of the casino, and may still belong to it as well. These reviews should be readily available, either on their site or with a bit of research. Some casino portals specialise in doing online casino reviews by professional players. These reviews will include a lot of the information that you need, but reviews which are written by regular run if the mill people may give you a better understanding of how the chosen online casino works.