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Amaya Gaming has already released its King Kong video slots game, which offers players numerous special features and bonus rounds to stand a chance of winning the highest payouts possible. As a sequel to this popular video slots game, based on the motion picture of the same name, which features the giant but loving ape, Amaya Gaming is planning on releasing King Kong: Skull Mountain New.

This game is slightly different to the original King Kong video slots game by Amaya Gaming in that it offers a slightly different theme, though still based on King Kong, different bonus features that differ from the original game, and different ways of winning. The original King Kong video slots game offered players five reels and twenty-five pay lines to play on, whereas the King Kong: Skull Mountain New video slots game operates on the two hundred and forty-three ways of winning feature, giving players more and less traditional winning chances.

The Theme of Skull Mountain

The basic theme of Amaya Gaming’s King Kong: Skull Mountain New is based on the journey to Skull Island, where players enter the dark jungle on an adventure to find King Kong.

King Kong: Skull Mountain New Features

The King Kong: Skull Mountain New video slots game includes various special features and bonus rounds to enhance the game playing experience.

One of these is the treasure hunt option, where players need to find between three to five matching symbols of the stony numbers and letter symbols. By simply landing these combinations, players can win up to one thousand coins. These symbols can also act as clues to help players uncover further prizes by finding the people that need to be rescued. If players rescue the boat captain, they will be rewarded with one thousand two hundred and fifty coins. If players rescue the explorer’s wife, they will be rewarded with one thousand five hundred coins. Finally, if players rescue the explorer himself, they will be rewarded with two thousand coins. Even if they have been rescued, however, players will still have the chance to save them from King Kong, which will earn them the top fixed jackpot of two thousand five hundred coins.

King Kong: Skull Mountain Slot Graphics

King Kong Skull Mountain Bonus Symbols

Like offers in Cleopatra slot, the King Kong: Skull Mountain New video slots game also offers players two bonus symbols to enhance the game play experience. These are the King Kong wild symbol and the gate symbol.

The King Kong wild symbol may appear on the second, third, fourth, and fifth reels, and has the ability to substitute any of the other symbols in order to help players complete winning pay lines, make up the best possible winning combinations, and receive the highest payouts.

The gate symbols may appear on any of the reels. If the gates on these symbols open, they will reveal one of the other symbols, potentially increasing a player’s chances of hitting a winning combination. If numerous gate symbols appear on the reels at the same time, then these will all reveal the same symbol underneath, giving players an even bigger chance to win big.