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If you are new to the online slots industry, it might seem a little overwhelming at first, especially when you consider all of the different slots games that are available to online and mobile players. While the details are actually not critical, because any player can really just sign in and start playing any of the slots games, it might be worth taking same time to read up on all the slots categories that are on offer. Knowing what these styles of games are, or what category the slots game falls into, will help you to pick a game that you find interesting, as opposed to a game that you find boring, or even that you find too confusing to play.

Three Reel Slots

The simplest type of slots game is the classic or three reel slots game. These categories of games are aimed at being very simple and easy to play and understand, while at the same time offering numerous winning opportunities to players. Typically these games will have just the single payline, and the three spinning reels. Most often players will also only be able to bet one coin per line. However, in some cases, players have the option of betting more than one coin, with the opportunity of winning a bigger jackpot. Three reels slots might also offer additional paylines to players.

Video Slots

The next of the categories of slots is known as video slots. These games typically are offered with 5 reels, however the interesting part of these games is that numerous paylines are available. Some video slots games will offer 5 paylines, but the number of paylines that are available on other games can go up into the hundreds. This will in theory give players a whole lot more opportunities to win. In addition to these paylines, the other main attraction of video slots are the bonus features that can be triggered while playing the standard game., These bonus features come in a whole variety of formats and styles.

Progressive Slots Category

The next type of slot categories to look out for is progressive slots games. These games can also consist of the slots game mentioned above. However, the difference here is that a number of games of the same name are linked together. Every time a player makes a bet, a portion of this goes towards a progressive jackpot that is linked to all the games. Players can then aim at trying to win this progressive jackpot prize. As soon as the jackpot is won, it will reset down to its original minimum amount, and then start growing again.

Fruit Machine Slots

Fruit machines are next on the list of categories of online pokies in New Zealand. Typically offering three reels, these games have been specifically designed to offer players regular bonus games that can be played. The idea behind these games is to give all players a much more entertaining experience by allowing them to play mini bonus games throughout the course of the standard slots game. Also, these fruit machines are generally cheaper to play, and provide players with a much longer playing experience.