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iPhone pai gow poker is a version of this beloved Western card game which has been combined with a wonderful domino game that hails from the Far East, allowing you to enjoy the very best qualities of each in one great amalgamation of gambling fun. The majority of mobile casinos will provide you with the means to enjoy free or demo versions of the game as well, so you don’t have to worry about losing money while you learn how to play, and can enjoy no risks games until you are good and ready to start making real money bets.

iPhone Pai Gow Poker Basics

You will be making use of a complete pack of virtual cards when you play iPhone pai gow poker, with the addition of one joker. This will stand in as a wild card that can be put to use substituting for an ace in order to achieve a straight, flush or straight flush hand. The dealer for pai gow poker will be competing against the players, and you will need to put up a stake before play commences.

Each player will receive seven cards which will need to be separated into two separate hands, one consisting of two cards, the other of five. These will have to be divided up so that the five card hand has a higher poker rank than the two card one, so the former will have to have a card combination of a pair at least. Players at mobile casino will be able to view the dealer’s hand, and can make bets accordingly.

Winning with Pai Gow Poker

The iPhone pai gow poker players’ hands will eventually be compared, and, if both your packs win the payout will be according to the amount you initially staked, if the dealer manages to win or tie one no money will be exchanged and the bets will push, and if the dealer manages to win or tie both hands your stake will be forfeited.

Anyone familiar with the basics of this great game will have no trouble getting their heads around the rules for iPhone pai gow poker, and a little time spent on getting to know the variations will have you on your feet in no time.

Mobile Poker at its Prime

The only real difference you will encounter when you start enjoying iPhone pai gow poker rather than the game on your other, more stationary devices is that the screen is not as big as you are used to, but this is very easily dealt with and you will be able to adjust in next to no time. The fact that the online bingo NZ and iPhone pai gow poker applications have been customised in order to fit the specifications of your device means that everything that needs to be taken into account to make sure the experience is an enjoyable one has been, and you will soon be taking full advantage of the fact that you no longer need to wait a single solitary second in order to get into a fun real money variation of one of the most popular card games in the world!