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Innovative online casino software developer Microgaming has released its own take on Double Exposure Blackjack. Like other versions of the game, this one gives the player the advantage of seeing both of the dealer’s cards.

There are a few other changes to the traditional rules of Blackjack in this game, which make up for the player’s advantage. These cover various moves made in the game, such as the conditions under which the dealer must hit, when and how the player can split, and what happens if the player and the dealer tie.

Graphics and Sound

The quality graphics and sound for which Microgaming is renown by players around the world are evident in their version of online Double Exposure Blackjack.

The virtual playing area looks like a traditional table marked with betting areas, along with a deck of cards, rows of chips, and helpful reminders of the most important rules. Along with true-to-life casino visuals, the game also features sound effects that enhance its look and feel.

The interface is player-friendly, with all the relevant buttons clearly marked. The playing action delivered is sleek and smooth.

The Goal of Double Exposure Blackjack

Played with eight decks of 52 cards, Microgaming’s version of Double Exposure Blackjack sees the player striving toward the same goal as the regular version of the game.

This is to beat the dealer with a hand that totals at 21 or less, while still being a higher value than the dealer’s hand. The player can also win if their hand totals at less than 21, while the dealer’s totals at more than 21.

Apart from the player being shown both of the dealer’s cards, this version of the game differs from the regular version in several other aspects as well.

Double Exposure Blackjack Differences

Double Exposure Blackjack might share the same goal as the regular version of the game, but the gameplay it offers features some unique twists and turns. In this game, natural or two-card Blackjacks pays even money. In other versions, they pay three to two. Also, in this game, the dealer must hit if dealt a soft 17.

Ties could count for or against the player. If the player and the dealer tie on a Blackjack, the player will win. If they tie on anything else, the dealer will win. Microgaming’s version of online Double Exposure Blackjack uses rules for splitting hands that could work in the player’s favour.

The player may split their hand as many as three times, and they may split different tens. This means that the player’s hand does not need to contain two tens, two Jack, and so on. A hand that contains a 10 and a Queen, for example, can be split. When it comes to splitting Aces, however, only one card may be drawn. If combined with a 10, the hand will be considered only as a 21, and not as a Blackjack. The player can only double down if their first two cards total at nine, 10, or 11.

Double Exposure Blackjack AutoPlay

Like many other games, the version of Double Exposure Blackjack comes with an AutoPlay feature.

This feature allows the player to set the game to play itself, and to set conditions under which the game should stop playing itself. The player can also set the speed at which the game plays itself.