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Jacks or Better Power Poker is played with a standard number of four hands instead of the standard one hand that is played in the original version. It is a solo played game that uses a deck of fifty two cards. There are no wild cards in the game and the aim is to hold poker hands with values higher than a pair of jacks. The cards are thoroughly shuffled between each hand to ensure varied and unbiased results, adding to the games suspenseful nature.

Microgaming is the software developer that powers this Jacks or Better Power Poker online video game. They are leaders in supplying the online gambling industry with one of the largest selections of slots and video poker games. The Microgaming Jacks or Better Power Poker video screen shows Microgaming’s traditional look and feel but the power poker version adds more action to the game.

Playing Jacks or Better Power Poker

The coin values in Jacks or Better Power Poker have a high range and a maximum of five coins is allowed per bet. Once the coin value and number of coins are decided upon the game can begin by clicking the deal button.

Five cards are then dealt face up and any of them that appear to hold potential online keno Canada values can be held by clicking on them. Once any potential cards are selected four hands will show the same selection and be dealt the remaining cards from four separate decks of fifty two cards. All four of the hands will hold the same bet value. This deal is the final one and all four hands are then evaluated for any possible winning Jacks or Better Power Poker hands.

All four hands have separate chances of winning hands out of the initial selection of potential valued poker hands. These hands include the royal flush which is the highest ranking poker hand, the straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind and then the jacks or higher pairs as the lowest ranking poker hands. Microgaming’s Jacks or Better video poker features an auto hold function which automatically highlights the best potential cards as per the optimal strategy of the video poker game. It is not compulsory to play these cards when using this function as they can be deselected by clicking on them.

The Double Your Winnings Gamble Feature

The Jacks or Better Power Poker double your winnings gamble feature can be played at any time after a winning hand has paid out. The winning amount can be wagered on a guessing game to double up the amount but any wrong guesses will result in the wagered amount being lost. Clicking on the double button opens the gamble feature screen where five cards are displayed with only one of them being face up. The aim is to choose any of the face down cards which must have a higher value to double the winning amount. If the selection produces a lower valued card the feature ends and the main game resumes. In order to prevent a tie the suits are ranked in different values. The diamond is the highest ranking suit followed by the hearts, clubs and finally the spades.