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Based on the famous comic story, the Jack Hammer online slots game takes this literary legacy and incorporates it into its design. The comic protagonist Jack Hammer must protect his town from the cohorts of Don Crabby and, finally, Don Crabby himself.

The game itself mimics the form of a comic and employs elements from the comic for it’s symbols. The highly stylised comic graphics make Jack Hammer a standout game, giving it a strong following of both players and reviewers alike.

Look and Feel

The design of the machine is unique and eye-catching, and this is complimented by the amount of reels it offers players. Jack Hammer is one of the most popular online slot machines of it’s type, and has enjoyed a committed fan base among comic book readers, players and those who fall into both categories.

This is a more active slots game than most. While some may be distracted by the vibrant design or dynamic gameplay, these elements have made the Jack Hammer slots machine a favourite among players.

The game offers three bonus rounds; Sticky Wins, Scatters and Wild Symbols. While Scatters and Wild Symbols are constituent elements of most online casino slot machines, the Sticky Wins feature is a more distinct element for this machine.

Playing the Slots Game

Jack Hammer has 25 win lines and 15 reels. This is a very large number of reels for an online slots game, but long-term players describe a deep association with the Jack Hammer gameplay that results from this many reels.

The bet level can be changed to anything between 1 and 10 coins. The payout percentage of Jack Hammer is 97%, which is remarkably high for a video slot.

Wild Symbols

As with most slots, Wild Symbols have the ability to replace all the symbols other than the Free Spin Symbol. Wild Symbols can be used to form winning combinations with other symbols, including Wild Symbols themselves. The only symbol the Wild cannot substitute for to complete a winning combination is the Scatter.

Sticky Wins

Sticky wins is activated when a player lands a winning line or gets three Free Spins. During the Sticky Wins bonus feature, the reels with the matching symbols ‘stick’ while the rest of the reels spin. This is designed to increase your chances of getting another winning combination of the same symbols. The reels will spin until no new winning lines occur, and then the game will revert to the original game mode.

Free Spins

This bonus round initiates if a player lands over 4 Free Spin symbols. The Free Spins round offers the opportunity to win no more than 30 and no less than 10 Free Spins. Extra Free Spins can be acquired while still using Free Spins, and all winnings on Free Spins are worth three times as much.

Jack Hammer is a lively and energetic slots game, made even more exciting by its enormous number of reels. It may not be suitable for beginners as its slightly more complex than your average slots game, but it’s certainly a unique and intriguing option for those who have experience.