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For people looking at horse racing betting tips, there are a few basics that need to be considered first. Tradition and history are part and parcel of the legacy of a horse racing industry that is world class. Online it is a well-developed industry, with access to the top international horse racing events, legendary horses, jockeys, breeding lines, trainers and, critically, bookmakers and totes. Humans and horses have their histories and destinies entwined.

Crucially, for these horse racing betting tips to be appreciated, online betting facilities are impressive, with a huge choice of betting variants and wagering options. These sports book facilities are also highly rated for their quality, high gaming standards, generous welcome bonuses and secure, safe online gambling conditions.

Develop a Winning Habit

The key to horse racing betting tips, and winning consistently, is appreciating that consistency is the aim. And in order to achieve consistency, punters need to become as informed as possible. Betting on anything without proper knowledge of what you are actually staking your money on is simply increasing the risk, which is high enough already. Risky is wagering hard-earned cash on a horse because it has an attractive name.

There are two horse racing betting tips regarding learning about the horses. The first one is all about the horses and the second is all about the money.

In the first case, learning about the horses themselves is essential to improving your chances of predicting the outcome of the race like some AU punters who do in online Crown Oaks betting. Whilst there is no ‘winning formula’, knowing about the horses’ age, form, distance preferences, jockey, trainer, handicap and lane draw are certainly going to improve your selection of the horse and jockey combination. Horse racing sites recognise the importance of this information and will all have a section on horse racing betting tips. Thorough use of this information will undoubtedly improve the accuracy of that ‘gut feel’ element which inevitably remains the alluring core of horse racing.

The second of the horse racing betting tips concerns using this knowledge to make money in the most effective way. An understanding of the various punting options available, and the odds involved, is critical to effective and consistent gambling. More than just selecting a horse to win a race or achieve a place, punters could use that same knowledge to place a wager on the trifecta or quadrille. Or link other races with doubles or trebles bets. Proper horse racing sites will know that well educated players are more comfortable and likely to spend more time on the site and will have good information available on the types of bets they accept.

A Few More Basics

Making sure your selected horse betting site has accredited security and is independently audited and regulated is essential too. A proper horse wagering experience should be devoid of complications when depositing or withdrawing money. There are so many online payment methods available that it is worthwhile making sure that a selected bookmaker also suits your payment scheme.

These horse racing betting tips may seem like common sense, and that is because they are. But it is surprising how uncommon that sense is, and how much of a difference that extra knowledge will prove.