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You may be used to having to sit out your desktop computer in order to access casino games, and it’s true that there are a number of advantages to doing so. Desktop computers have bigger screens, smooth controls, and you may even listen to music or do any number of other tasks at the same time. Hell, you may choose to watch a movie simultaneously while playing slot games. But little compares to the flexibility and convenience of a mobile online casino.

All online casino games are now accessible via smart phone and tablet, which means that you may literally play a casino game wherever you want. Long car journeys are a treat while you lose yourself in a few games of multiplayer poker, and sitting in queue at the bank has never been so much fun. And, best of all, having a mobile online casino could not be any easier.

Apple versus Android

The Apple versus Android war has been going on for years, and there seems to be no end in sight. Whether you prefer one or the other, however, it really doesn’t matter. Both Apple devices and Android devices can be transformed into a mobile online casino. The Apple iStore has a number of casino games that may be downloaded for free, and likewise the Google Play Store. But are there any differences between on and the other.

If getting down to brass tacks, there are pros and cons to both an Apple mobile online casino, and an Android mobile online casino. Apple applications are more stable, since there are restrictions on which applications may be offered to the public. Any casino game on the Apple iStore will run well, and very specifically state which Apple devices it will run on best. The selection of Android phones is vast in number, with many different models made by very different companies. The Google Play Store also has fewer restrictions in place. This means that there are more casino games to choose from for Android phones, but not all are guaranteed to run perfectly.

Playing via Browser or Application

It doesn’t matter if you are using Android or Apple, both platforms can access casino games via downloaded applications, or directly via a web browser. If downloading applications, they will live on your device permanently, until you decide to delete them. This offers great, instant access to games, but will occupy storage space on the device.

If you prefer not installing applications, you may also access casino games via your device web browser. Not all devices are capable of doing this, and access will be slower, but no information will permanently be stored on the device. Most web browsers will work, including Chrome, and games may simply be accessed by visiting a casino via your browser, and selecting the game you would like to play. It should load automatically. If you find your mobile online casino is not capable of playing games this way, simply download them from the appropriate application store.