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Tennis, a modest gentleman’s game, with roots stretching back to Birmingham England between 1859 and 1865, has grown and developed into a worldwide phenomenon.

Punters from New Zealand are spoilt for choice by the availability of online sports books hosting kiwi punters and offering lucrative tennis bets.

With world prominent tournaments such as the ASB Auckland Open, the Fed Cup and Davis cup stacked with players from New Zealand, kiwis will find a mixed assortment of tennis bets to choose from, listed on both online sports books and TAB platforms.

Find The Perfect Strategy

Tennis, like any sports betting market requires a form of strategy and insight into the game in order to place valuable tennis bets.

New punters from New Zealand should formulate a strategy for valuable tennis bets, before embarking on high rolling wagering limits.

Practice your betting strategy throughout the tennis calendar year. Make pseudo bets on live fixtures in order to become accustomed to in play features.

Keep a journal or log of your tennis bets, record and compare them in order to formulate a deeper understanding of current player rankings and performances throughout the various events in New Zealand.

By adopting a disciplined approach it is possible to place more valuable tennis bets, providing you with a better chance at scooping a more rewarding winnings.

Consider Environmental Factors

Tennis bets amount to some of the most thrilling online betting options available due to the intense nature of the game. An opponent can never be counted out; top class players have a fighting spirit that never dies.

Consider the court surface for every game, with enough research. You will quickly discern between players who are better on hard courts and clay as opposed to grass court surfaces.

Outright Tennis Bets

Outright tennis bets can be placed on individual matches or on a certain player to scoop victory at a tournament in which the player would have to negotiate through an assortment of matches in order to claim victory.

Handicap Tennis Bets

Handicaps are thrilling tennis bets. In handicap bets, bookies will assign a positive handicap to the weaker player and a negative handicap to the stronger player.

In order to win handicap tennis bets you must predict the score line within the handicap provided.

Bets on Sets

Set tennis bets work in much the same way as any score line bet in sports at Punters need to predict the correct score of the tennis set in order to snatch a winning bet.

Taking the Next Set

Placing tennis bets on the next set is a quick fire tennis betting option. Punters can lay wagers on the player to claim the very next set in the game.

A winning prediction can see swift returns, which stack up over the duration of the match.

Totals Tennis Bets

The totals or over/under market is perhaps the most common form of tennis bets available. In totals punters need to predict the total amount of tennis sets in a particular game.

The bookmaker will provide the total number of sets, while punters need to predict the outcome as playing over or under that amount set out by the bookmaker.

Doubling Up

Certain bookies will offer punters two-way tennis bets. Double Result bets allow punters to make a call on two impacting results in the game.

For example you could bet on a player to win the third set and loose the match. If these two events happen in that sequence you win the bet.