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One of the most popular types of racing betting at online bookmakers in New Zealand is greyhound racing. With races run on a very regular basis, the sport attracts millions of NZ$ in bets every year.

Either six or eight dogs run in each race, which takes place on oval or circular tracks. In the past, live jack rabbits were used to lure the dogs. While the end of the race meant good news for some punters, it also meant the end of the poor jack rabbit.

Thankfully, the mechanical lure was invented in 1912 by Owen Patrick Smith, an American. This eliminated the need for live jack rabbits, so punters can enjoy guilt-free betting on dogs.

Greyhound Racing in New Zealand

A staggering number of dogs are involved in New Zealand’s thriving greyhound racing industry. Every year sees almost 1000 dogs bred for the purpose, with 500 more brought over from Australia as well.

The sport is governed by the New Zealand Greyhound Racing Association, which also established a charity that helps retire more than 200 dogs every year. Those dogs are usually rehomed as pets.

Some of the biggest races to take place on the islands are the New Zealand Cup, the Auckland Cup, the New Zealand Derby, the New Zealand Oaks, the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Collar, the Waterloo Cup, the Spion Rose, the Wellington Cup, the Breeders Stakes, and the NZ Shootout.

Held annually, they are legendary among punters for neck-and-neck betting action that often sees winning dogs lead the pack at the most unexpected moments.

Online Betting Options for Greyhound Racing

Online bookmakers offer a wide range of greyhound racing betting options. Before placing any bets, however, punters as they would when looking at betting sites in Australia and odds on offer, especially those new to betting on the sport, should consult betting guides and other sources of information such as publications by the New Zealand’s various greyhound associations so they can place informed bets that stand a better chance of winning.

Among the many different racing bet types available are:

  • Win bets, placed on a specific dog to win one of New Zealand’s greyhound races.
  • Place bets, which are put on dogs to place first or second in a race. The bet will win whether the chosen dog places first or second.
  • Show bets, which are placed on dogs to place in the top three.
  • Reversa, also known as Quinella or Reverse Forecast bets, which are placed on two dogs to win. The bet will win regardless of whether one or the other dog wins.
  • Each-Way, or Win-and-Place bets, which are when a punter places two bets on one racing dog. The punter wins both bets if the dog wins. If the dog places second, the punter wins the Place bet portion.
  • Trifecta or Treble Forecast bets, which are placed on three dogs to finish in the top three places.
  • Superfecta bets, which are placed on four dogs to finish in the top four places.
  • Parlay or Accumulator bets, which are a combination of bets on several races. If the initial bet wins, the punter’s winnings will be carried over to the next bet, and so on.