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There is a lot of wrong information about the slot machines that mislead users. Here are some of the common myths about online machines.

Are the real casinos fixed? – As the real land based machines are mechanical, users believe that they cannot be fixed and hence, they are safer than online ones. However, this is not true. Like the online systems, real machines are also controlled by good computer software applications. Users can blindly trust them.

Users think that pulling the handle and pressing the spin will give different outcome. The truth is that both the ways provide same outcome. Hence, there is no difference between the two systems.

There is a myth that the machines that do not give any success for a long time might enter a hot cycle in which it will pay out a lot. This is certainly not true. Both the systems use random number generators to fix the outcome of every spin. Each spin is different from the other and does not impact the following spin. In case of the progressive slots, jackpot grows with every new spin.

Is it possible to determine the bad or good gaming areas?

Most of the real casinos and the online casinos organize their games into a specific fashion. They set them randomly and hence it is impossible to determine whether the area is a bad one or a good one. The probability of choosing the best mobile pokies games in  NZ is same in both offline and online.

Players believe that if they bet only one coin, they could hit more winning combination. This is not more than a rumor. The system never knows the number of coins players have wagered. This information is in a different computer chip. The number of winning combinations will be same whether you bet one or more coin. It basically depends on your luck. There are players, who were losing by betting maximum coins and hit a win when they switched to one coin.

All about hitting the jackpot

Another common misconception is that casino operators reward their loyal players with the jackpot. In fact, operators will provide them extra benefits like putting them up for the night and so on. However, they will never give their long-term users a jackpot. They do not have any operator controlled jackpot button. It is up to the random generator whom to choose for the jackpot.

The players often say that machines turn cold after a jackpot. However, the casinos are there for a long haul and operate at a normal rate even after a high hit. Jackpots easily blend in the background of millions of spins. The result always remains random. If there are cold streaks, then there are hot streaks after the jackpot too.

It is a myth that those slot machines that have not hit in a while are due. The fact is none of these machines is due. Again, it is the duty of the random number generator to determine the combinations.