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Everybody loves a flutter on games of chance, even if they don’t all want to bet real money to feel the thrill. Fans of casino games have welcomed the rapid expansion of the Internet into all spheres of life, as there are now hundreds of online and mobile casinos available just a few swipes, clicks or taps away.

Best of all, a free online casino lets you play all your favourite games without betting for real; players can only bet and win credits, and credits won can be used for further game play, but not converted into payouts. A free online casino is the perfect risk-free option for anyone who plays purely for the excitement of beating the house, as you will never have to risk real money when betting.

Free Play for Real Money

Of course, many people are in fact very keen to bet with real money, because this gives them the chance to make real wins in return. There are just as many for-money casinos available online and via mobile as there are free casinos, so gamblers who like to bet for real have plenty of alternatives. But even these players can enjoy the benefits of free online casino play, by making intelligent use of any free bonuses offered.

Most online and online roulette sites in NZ, hand out welcome bonuses when new players register, for example, as well as offer regular promotional incentives to encourage players to try out new games. These bonuses, whether they are free spins on slots or free bets on other casino games, allow players to bet without risk and still keep any winnings they accrue, subject to certain terms and conditions. By registering at several real-money online or mobile sites and keeping an eye on the regular newsletter updates on what bonuses the casino is offering, dedicated online gambling enthusiasts are able to pick the bonus deals that offer the most free chances to win, at the lowest outlay of their own betting money.

So even if you play for real, in pursuit of those tempting jackpots, you can still take advantage of free online casino game play.

Do your Homework for the Best Results

Just as online and mobile casino sites have proliferated, so have the sites that review and rate the experience at these casinos. Some internet searching will quickly help you find the best-rated sites, judged according to their payout percentages, the reliability of these payouts and the site’s customer service in general.

Security is important any time you share your banking details online, so be sure to check out the security certifications of any online or mobile casino you are considering playing at. And be sure to join the mailing list when you register at an online or mobile casino, so that you will be kept up to date on their bonus offers, thus allowing you to pick and mix the bonuses you choose to give you the maximum amount of free online casino enjoyment at the lowest risk.

A little attention to detail before you start will translate into hours of free fun.