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21 Oct

Store Closing

After 25 years of fabulous finds and inspirational displays, Rosa Mundi’s is closing its retail store at the end of the year.

first shop


It has been an extraordinary journey, and it has been my joy to meet all of you along the way.  Many of you have been customers since the first store in Edmonds and many of you have just recently found  us; I will miss you all.

second shop


We are having an incredible close out sale beginning Friday, October 23rd; I hope you won’t miss out.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to take home  great treasures  at deeply discounted prices.


Our design business has continued to grow, and this change will allow me to focus solely on interior design.  I love helping clients create warm and welcoming homes and look forward to spending more time on this effort.  I’ll join so many of my colleagues who work from home offices and look forward to the benefits this move will bring.  If I can help you in the future, I hope you will let me know!  I’ll have the same phone number and email address, so let’s stay in touch.

Again, thank you all for your support over the years and the wonderful memories.



PS  We’ll be closed on Thursday to prepare for the sale.

fourth shop


25 Sep


With origins in the 18th century, the Canterbury was designed to hold sheet music.  Earlier versions were often simple in design and more elaborate styles developed through the 19th century.  This low, portable stand was quite versatile.

Canterbury antique magazine rack

It was a status symbol to own a Canterbury,  and it was thought one of the first ones was commissioned by the Bishop of Canterbury.  This one is rosewood with great carvings, a drawer and casters.

vintage wood canterbury

Don’t need a special piece for your sheet music?  Then keep magazines or books in this beautiful, English rack.

vintage magazine rack


12 Sep

Sewing boxes

Needle work was practiced by women throughout history with the skill passed from mother to daughter.  And throughout history, the receptacle for all her sewing tools has changed and yet, in many ways, remained the same.  These Victorian boxes evolved from cloth ones.  Portable, practical architectural treasures to hold spools, scissors, needles and more.

Antique wood thread boxes

Pincushions on top and clever storage for important tools.

Antique wood thread box with lid removed

You don’t have to be a sewing enthusiast to appreciate the charm of these boxes and how interesting they would be sitting in a bookshelf or atop a chest.

Antique wood thread box


01 Sep

The Chase is on…

with Coalport’s Hunting Scene china

Wedgood Hunting Scenes place setting

We have a wonderful collection which includes 8 place settings, 8 soup bowls, tea pot, platter, covered and open vegetable bowls, tidbit tray and creamer.

Wedgwood Hunting Scene detail

Pair this whimsical pattern with our other hunt accessories for a wonderful equestrian theme for your home…

Wedgwood Hunting Scenes Coffee Set



27 Aug

Yarn Bobbins

Wooden bobbins were used to manage threads in the making of textiles.

Basket of yarn bobbins

They were made from hardwoods, primarily ash and birch.

Yarn bobbins

There are many different sizes and shapes which are such fun to collect.

Yarn bobbin




18 Aug

Where did all the sugar bowls go?

Creamers and sugar bowls were sold in sets by every china manufacturer, but some sets became separated along the way.

Antique creamers

Like these charming examples…

These are perfect as bud vases or vessels for salad dressing or sauces.


Or do you have a sugar bowl that matches one of these?!

12 Aug

Louis, Louis

Beautiful, detailed Louis XVI chairs with gold gilt and ravishing couture velvet in spicy saffron.

Louis XI chairs in room

This style is more rectilinear and less fussy than the Rococo style and became popular during the golden age of cabinetmaking.  France was home to extraordinarily talented craftsmen who were highly regarded throughout Europe and beyond.

Louis the Sixteenth chairs

This pair have reeded legs, ribbon and rosette crest and acanthus carvings.

Louis XI chair detail


Louis XI back of chairs

C’est chic!

04 Aug

Silver Wine Coasters

Antique wine or bottle coasters were first produced around 1770 as a way to protect the table.  Both sterling and silver plate were available.  They were originally sold in pairs — one for each end of the dining table.

various wine coasters

In the 19th century different styles emerged.  Some coasters had wood bases, and others were made with porcelain ones.

wine coaster

Edges were often gadrooned, gallery, or scroll and shell.

silver antique wine coaster

What a lovely way to serve wine at the table….

wine coaster on table

and they make such a great gift…

29 Jul

Fish Service


There was a time when  formal dinners were served in courses — each one with its own set of dishware and utensils.  The fish course was presented before the game and meat courses, but after soup.

A fish set consisted of individual plates, a platter and a sauce dish.  Whether hand painted or transfer ware, each plate would be about 9″ in diameter, have gold edging and be decorated slightly differently from the others. 

It’s wonderful to find a service in tact.  Most sets date from about 1850 – 1900.  Prices for complete hand painted sets will range in the thousands, while transfer ware sets will be less.



30 Jun

Spice Cabinets

Spice chests came in all styles.  This folk art one dates from the late 19th to early 20th century.

These chests were introduced in England in the 18th century and later were also made in America.  They were considered pieces of furniture and were found only in the more affluent households.

vintage chest decor

What’s great is that you don’t have to use it for spices.  It’s fun and interesting to take pieces and use them in different ways.  We see this one on a sideboard or hanging on a dining room wall filled with those little treasures for the table:  napkin rings, salt spoons, shakers, demitasse spoons…

The divided drawers are an organizer’s dream.

Antique chest uses

Or in a bathroom with cotton balls and Q-tips, a sewing room with bobbins and thread.  This charmer can go so many places.


-Lisa Purdy