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21 Oct

Store Closing

After 25 years of fabulous finds and inspirational displays, Rosa Mundi’s is closing its retail store at the end of the year.

first shop


It has been an extraordinary journey, and it has been my joy to meet all of you along the way.  Many of you have been customers since the first store in Edmonds and many of you have just recently found  us; I will miss you all.

second shop


We are having an incredible close out sale beginning Friday, October 23rd; I hope you won’t miss out.  It will be a wonderful opportunity to take home  great treasures  at deeply discounted prices.


Our design business has continued to grow, and this change will allow me to focus solely on interior design.  I love helping clients create warm and welcoming homes and look forward to spending more time on this effort.  I’ll join so many of my colleagues who work from home offices and look forward to the benefits this move will bring.  If I can help you in the future, I hope you will let me know!  I’ll have the same phone number and email address, so let’s stay in touch.

Again, thank you all for your support over the years and the wonderful memories.



PS  We’ll be closed on Thursday to prepare for the sale.

fourth shop


03 Jun

Blue and white: a love affair


I’m not sure I can explain all the reasons I love blue and white.  The combination is both  fresh and timeless.  When I’m flipping through the pages of a shelter magazine and come to a photo spread like this one from Kravet, I just stop and immediately experience a sense of calm.

We’re celebrating this beloved combination this month with products and displays throughout the store.   This English Staffordshire pitcher is a classic.  Pitchers or jugs of this age were often unmarked and usually displayed a bucolic scene.

Certainly they would be perfect for flowers.  The one in my kitchen is used  for cooking  tools.


11 Nov

Caster Sets

Caster or cruet sets were standard items during Victorian times.  They ranged from simple, pressed glass electroplate types to grand sterling and cut glass examples.  Proper hostesses had one type for breakfast, which had four cruets, and  larger ones designed for dinner.

Oil, vinegar, hot sauce, mustard and other condiments were presented in these sets and placed in the center of the table.  Households could purchase the holder and bottles separately depending on need and budget.

Value comes from having all original cruets with their original stoppers or lids.  Watch for marriages which lowers the value.

They are fun to collect and to use!

17 Jul

Friendship cups

English bone china cups and saucers were mass produced in the 30s – 50s.  Often referred to as Friendship cups, they were a popular collectible.  Either as part of a set or just a single cup and saucer, you would find them in almost every household.  The quality ranged from beautiful, handpainted wares from Aynsley, sculpted beauties from Shelley, and whimsical motifs from Paragon to knock-offs and copy cats from numerous manufacturers — and the values then and today reflect the difference.  Luckily, the bone china was durable and collectors can find many options to add to their collections.

25 Nov

Dresser Jars

Beautiful small works of art graced dressing tables throughout history.  A holder for every purpose:  powder, perfume, creams, toothbrushes, and more.  These small jars were made from different qualities of glass — pressed, near cut and brilliant cut and usually had sterling silver lids.  The lids were decorated with flowers, cherubs and other designs or were monogrammed.

These holders were so important that manufacturers made traveling cases complete with smaller jars for every need.  A complete set today would be a rare find.

We have a lovely selection of these beautiful dresser jars in different sizes.

22 Mar

Bristol Glass

Made in Bristol, England, during the 19th century, Bristol glass is highly collected.  While it was made in various colors, there is something about pink Bristol glass that is so appealing.  The glass is cased — pink on the outside, white on the inside — and can often be found decorated with botanical motifs.  A ruffled edge adds to the beauty.  We have a pair for sale!

21 Feb

Majolica Plates

We have some wonderful Majolica plates in the shop.  Majolica is a heavy piece of pottery molded into realistic shapes, hand-painted and then glazed.  It was introducted in Spain in the 13th century, and became widespread in England beginning  in the 17th century.  While they are indeed works of art, they were intended to be very utilitarian.  Their vivid colors set them apart from other wares.

23 Jan

Jewelry Collection

We’ve brought in a nice selection of antique jewelry:  lockets, crosses, cameos ,and  novelty pins in different styles.  These pieces are small works of art reflecting different eras and interests.

As you know, we love mixing styles, and antique jewelry — in addition to being so collectible today — can take a modern outfit off the rack and transcend it into a signature look.


10 Jan

Be still my heart…

Our luxurious, popular heart soaps are back just in time for Valentine’s Day.

13 Dec

Books for Cooks

 We have a great variety of interesting cook books for the adventurous gourmet chefs on your lists.